Thursday, May 26, 2016


For the fabric giveaway, four people joined so I used the Random Number Generator to pick up two winners.

And the fabric goes to the ladies leaving comment n. 4 and 2, Lynda and Jacquie!

Based on your preferences, the Bingo fabric set will go to Jacquie and the red-white and blue one to Lynda. I will put them in the mail for you tomorrow.

Stay tuned as I am going through some spring cleaning in my stash so more giveaways will come soon!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Fabric giveaway

A few weeks ago I bought a grab bag of fabric. It was 'pot luck' and I know I am not going to use some of the pieces I received. Each is approx 20x30cm, probably slightly more. I made them into two sets: (A) red, white and blue and (B) games. 
You are welcome to either or both of them if you like. Just leave a message here. If more than one is interested I will draw a name from the hat on May 25.
Thank you!