Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Three RAKs sent

There are three RaKs being sent; two hen pin cushion ones and a halloween hanger (there are little triangles on the back for you to add some wood (cant remember accurate term sorry) so you can hang it or use as a table mat.

I am so sorry but if they look like they have been shoved in envelopes and sent to you, it is because they have.  Most of you will know I had breast cancer just under two years ago: well everything started to fall apart on Friday and I spent all of Sunday in A and E.  I will get to see my specialists on Thursday so wish me luck.

I have got gift cards and wrapping paper but we have been so stressed I have done the usual...put them in a safe place and we are all too uptight to go around looking for them.  You know how it is; the more you look the less you see.

Know that they are being sent with love and I hope you enjoy them xxxxx

The Cat's Meow

That's what I felt like when I received this wonderful RAK from Kaye. She had a chart giveaway a couple of weeks ago and I was the lucky winner.

Accompanying the charts was one of the prettiest cards I've ever received.

Thank you so much Kaye for this wonderful RAK. I'm a huge fan of cats and these charts will be put to good use. I'm already trying to decide on a colour for the cat sampler.

Friday, July 26, 2013

RAK headed to....

I haven't done a RAK in months. I sent out a big yellow envelope to...I can't say...However I can tell you it is leaving the United States..I hope she likes her RAK! Hugs, Carolyn

RAK anyone???

Hi, I have been a bit lax re RAKs the past few months...so...for the chance of an RAK comment ONLY if you really, really, totally, completely love Halloween.  I don't mean like..I mean love.  You decorate your house, children, hubby, and the dogs and cats.

Is this you?
If it is let me know!

Now, I have some lovely pin cushions looking for good homes.....but again, comment only if you LOVE chickens.  I know, sounds weird.  You don't have to love them as much as my husband! But at least really like chucks!

Trust me rofl xxxxx  Let's give the Irish post some business ladies!!!

xxxxxxxxxxx Gaynor (stitcheranon)

Thank you.

Just like to send a big thank you to my sweet friend cucki , for my lovely RAK.
Just love every thing and the doll is so pretty , you made my day thank you .

When this hot weather stops I will be sending a few more stitched RAKs out .
Happy stitching to every one and hope you are enjoying the summer. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

RAK in the mail (:

Hi there!
An RAK is going for a bit of a trip to the other side of the world from me to ...
My two sweet friends...
  I hope they both receive it soon.
Hugs and love
Cucki <3

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pretty little hats.

Hi everyone ,
 I had a wonderful surprise in the post this afternoon from McKenna , thank you so much .
Look at these little sweet hats , they are so cute , and what better timing I have a new  GGS coming this weekend and a GGD arriving  in about two weeks time.

So pretty love the colours.

How cute look at this little fish .

Thank you for your kindness.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jardin Prive Giveaway winner

....... and the winner  of the Cat Designs from Jardin Prive

........    is Lynn  from Kearnel's Korner.  Congratulations, Lynn.

Lynn, I have emailed you to let you know - please email me your snail mail address and these two lovely patterns will be on their way to you.