Tuesday, July 29, 2014

An Update on Surgery

Linda's update as of 7/29.  It has turned into a 22 day stay in the hospital, rather than the expected two day stay.  Complications with the results of the platelets not being maintained in my system.  Should be at least 320,000 and mine have been as low as 800.  I'm on lots of very strong meds including a low dose chemo "This type used for blood disorders. Not cancer." and a very high dose of strong steroids to try to get this taken care of.  We have hit very low points emotionally and have been extremely elated at other times with every bit of hope or good news.  I'm fighting this battle and will continue to.  I can see God's hands in this whole thing, and can tell you that He is still indeed good all the time.  He is still performing miracles right here in this very hospital.  When it comes to knowing Him, there are no options indeed.  It's a must.  I thank all for the continued prayers and loving thoughts.  "Don't quit now please."  Phone calls also.  Thank you.  I find that I become quite confused and tired and just have to sleep or nap here and there when I can.  I do love you all though and hope to be back in full swing one day.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chart giveaway

I know it's getting late for a Christmas in July offer, but I will be happy to forward this chart to anyone interested. It can still be useful for Christmas in December!! :D :D :D
If more than one is interested I will draw a name from the hat by August 5.
Thank you for looking

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Surprise Post delivery

I have been gifted by Cucki....
Cucki tells me she made the doily, the tea cup pincushion and a tissue holder for my purse. Then she also sent a giraffe printed pencil. It sound like a mini drum when you twirl it...the tiny shells! I love all the stamps on the package too. Thank my dear sweet friend.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Evalina.

Enjoy your day.

Thank you for all you do .

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Don't give up on me ladies

I'm back in the hospital again and will be having my spleen removed in the next day or two.  Will be glad when I can go back home and begin the healing process.  I so want to get involved with the giving of these lovely gifts and packages. I'll be back soon.  LindaLee

RAK from Mii!!

On Friday, my husband called me from home to say I had a package.  A package? I didn't order anything yet why would I have a package?  When I got home, a lovely little package all the way from England found it's way to me from Mii!! I opened it up and was so amazed at the beautiful and perfectly finished pinkeep she made for me.  It's now hanging in a place where I can look at it while stitching. She also included some lovely polka dot fabric, my favourite kind of print, and some threads.  It came at perfect time for me since I've had a hard and stressful few months so it truly cheered me up.  As the saying goes, and I believe it will happen, "Good things come to those who stitch!"  Indeed it does dear Mii!!

Big hugs to you my dear for brightening my week!!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy post

Sweet Jaq sent me this lovely happy post , how lovely is this.

Thank you Jaq I love it so much.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy birthday to all July babies

Happy birthday to Bianca, Heather, Melissa, Kim and happy birthday to me too!

Happy Birthday to us
Happy Birthday to us
Happy Birthday Dear Bianca, Heather, Melissa, Kim and me too
Happy Birthday to us.
From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with us,
And happiness too.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Way to Go

What wonderful things you are doing to cheer up so many dear ladies here.  What a wonderful thing to get a surprise package and to find pretties inside that you instantly love.  Way to go my stitching sisters.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


LOOk ...
                so yummy :)
 from my dear friend Grace
AWw they all so pretty colors and so beautiful <3
                        i am super happy :)

         you made my day so much full of joy and my smile is super bigger..
                                 thank you dear..
love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
              big hugs
                          cucki *.*

I received some wonderful Happy Post...

My postman came today and to my total shock and delight I received a package...

I was thrilled and at the same time quite overwhelmed as it is not very often I receive things.

I opened the package and OH!! Such lovely things... some one took the time to send me these wonderful things.. I am ever so grateful and happy.

Here,... look!!

A card with a wonderful message and a beautifully packaged gift...

I opened the envelope and found the most amazing card I have ever seen...

How wonderful is that!!  

And Then I unwrapped the other things... I was so lucky to be sent...

The most marvelous bag I have ever seen... the colors are beautiful.  I just love colorful things.  Some pretty buttons, gem stones and my favorite variegated thread.  Oooh yes and a most perfect gift too of a tape measure!  I dont actually have one so this is SO useful!  I LOVE it all!! 

Guess your wondering who sent this RAK to me?!  It was the lovely June from Butterfly Wings blog 

I cannot Thank You enough June for this kind package which made me smile.. right now I needed a little help smiling... been trying to stay happy but its hard when your stressed.  My husband Jon is waiting for a scan to find out if he has a brain tumor or not...  so you see this really was a blessing being sent this.  It did make me smile and made me think about all the wonderful people out there.

Thank You :) xx