Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I received some wonderful Happy Post...

My postman came today and to my total shock and delight I received a package...

I was thrilled and at the same time quite overwhelmed as it is not very often I receive things.

I opened the package and OH!! Such lovely things... some one took the time to send me these wonderful things.. I am ever so grateful and happy.

Here,... look!!

A card with a wonderful message and a beautifully packaged gift...

I opened the envelope and found the most amazing card I have ever seen...

How wonderful is that!!  

And Then I unwrapped the other things... I was so lucky to be sent...

The most marvelous bag I have ever seen... the colors are beautiful.  I just love colorful things.  Some pretty buttons, gem stones and my favorite variegated thread.  Oooh yes and a most perfect gift too of a tape measure!  I dont actually have one so this is SO useful!  I LOVE it all!! 

Guess your wondering who sent this RAK to me?!  It was the lovely June from Butterfly Wings blog 

I cannot Thank You enough June for this kind package which made me smile.. right now I needed a little help smiling... been trying to stay happy but its hard when your stressed.  My husband Jon is waiting for a scan to find out if he has a brain tumor or not...  so you see this really was a blessing being sent this.  It did make me smile and made me think about all the wonderful people out there.

Thank You :) xx


  1. wow everything is so cute..
    super pretty
    hugs x

  2. Sweet RAK from June :) The card is absolutely fantastic!!

  3. So happy it made you smile, hugs.


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