Friday, July 26, 2013

RAK anyone???

Hi, I have been a bit lax re RAKs the past few the chance of an RAK comment ONLY if you really, really, totally, completely love Halloween.  I don't mean like..I mean love.  You decorate your house, children, hubby, and the dogs and cats.

Is this you?
If it is let me know!

Now, I have some lovely pin cushions looking for good homes.....but again, comment only if you LOVE chickens.  I know, sounds weird.  You don't have to love them as much as my husband! But at least really like chucks!

Trust me rofl xxxxx  Let's give the Irish post some business ladies!!!

xxxxxxxxxxx Gaynor (stitcheranon)


  1. Gaynor,
    I love Halloween and I do have enough stuff to decorate with.

    I would love to get a pincushion chicken! It would look great in my home.


  2. have you seen the halloween decorations that we have up at the mouse house ... we are rennouned for FABBBB parties and decorations ...
    and we have buff orphintons .... does that help and normal chucks ....

    for the halloween piccies :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Please count me In for either. While we don't celebrate Halloween per se in Australia I am building up my Halloween collection. And chooks are great!

  4. Please include me in the chicken draw. Thanks

  5. Okay so chickens really aren't my thing but Halloween!..... now we're talking. Next to Christmas this is probably my most favourite decorating event. For years we would dress up when we answered the door. There are always lots of creepy things hanging out on the porch and in the yard.
    So please, please enter my name in the draw for the Halloween RAK.
    Thank you!

  6. I love Halloween, but have not reached that level of decorating yet ~ perhaps a little help would be good!

  7. I have only just got into Halloween the last few years so would love to be counted in , my bits are growing but very hard here to find much in the shops but it is growing over here now. hugs.

  8. Aww I love Halloween too and it's my fav time :)
    I love to collect pin cushion ..they are my sweet treasure ....I love chickens too ❤❤
    Please count me in.
    Love cucki xxx


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