Monday, May 27, 2013

Hibernation Over

 Hi everyone....I'm back from hibernating:-)  For some reason I lost the will to blog for a while. I want to thank all those who sent me RAKs. I know its taken a while for me to post and I am so sorry about that. I have been having issues with nerve pain I my back and went off the grid for  a while. Here is a shot of Lila sleep in in my lap. She was all wired out today because there was a thunderstorm last night. When those hit she shakes fro the stress poor baby........ Anyhoo my roses are in bloom and they look gorgeous:-) 
 The bush is going to go since it is taking up too much room for the rose. Does anyone know what kind of bush it is and if it can be transplanted at this size.....or can I take a cutting of it to root to plant a bush border lining my driveway?
 These get bigger every year.I dug them up across from the road in the ditch. They have done well and make large fragrant bouquets.

 I love how this vines out and it grows like a huge bush.
 This is my tropicana rose and you can see the buds. The first ones are usually quite breathtaking. They smell so good.....almost enough to take you away to dream of beaches and tropical places:-)
 These came fro Catherine Willey otherwise known as The Stitchen Chicken. Thank you so much ...I love them. I don't get these here in the USA.
 This adorable LHN pattern came from Kate White. I want to put a link to your blogs from all that RAKed me. Please send me an email with that info. Thank you Kate. I can hardly wait to stitch it.
 Here is a yummy salad I made for Jim and I the other day. We marinated the chicken breast with McCormick's Citrus Baja season pack . Then I put it in a large Corning ware casserole dish with mandarin oranges. When following the Baja marinade recipe use the citrus instructions using the Mandarin orange juice from can instructions. Save half of the oranges to put in salad. Cook this at 375° with lid on for an hour and a half.

Now take the chicken out of the oven and cut or tear it into small pieces. Put your lettuce in 2 bowls size is your choice. Add sunflower kernals then the chicken. We added the rest of the mandarin oranges, cheese, then sliced almonds. The best dressing that works with this is a Cucumber Ranch dressing.


 Elle sent me the heart pattern one more pic below and also a JCS magazine ..sorry I don't have a pic of that. Its in use at the moment. I feel so spoiled. Thank you so very much Elle. You are very kind.
 Also some sweetheart of a person RAKed me these awesome charts and I misplaced the card they came in. Please email me at so I can give you the proper credit. Thank you all for your generos


  1. Poor pup! Your roses are beautiful! Wonderful goodies ~ enjoy!

  2. Thanks. I look forward to my roses every spring. Yup Lila is thunder phobic and loud noises upset her too. She's very sensitive and that is what makes her a great service dog. She is a medic alert dog and can sense when I'm getting sick. Breaks my heart when she's so afraid. We usually have to give her benadryl to help and even then she still shakes some. We've taught her to go to the bathroom and get into the bathtub. Thanks for commenting:-)

  3. The LK and LHN charts were from me :) So happy that you liked them and they sound like they arrived at a time when you needed something good to think about. I deal with nerve pain problems daily so I know how truly awful that can be. Take care of yourself :) Welcome back!

  4. SO nice to have you back, I do hope you are feeling better. Your Roses are so beautiful. I planted a few roses this year and I am hopeful that these will like were I planted them and stick around for a while.

  5. Glad you are feeling better. Your roses look beautiful. Enjoy all your new goodies.

  6. Great RAKs and beautiful roses.

  7. Welcome back! You've received some lovely RAKs. Your roses are amazing! They remind me of the climbing roses which grew on our back fence when I was a child.


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