Thursday, August 1, 2013

RAK received!

Thank you so much Carolyn: your wonderful RAK arrived yesterday.   I love it.  It was perfect timing as I was as low as I could be waiting for my hospital appointment.

Thank you so much.

RE the hospital: it went well.  My surgeon came to see me even though he was meant to be on annual leave and I have had all sorts of tests done and will get the results next week.  He is an amazing Dr and I am really lucky to have him.

So all is well (or better than it was).

Carolyn sent me my three favourite things.  Tinkerbell and Daisies and the Sea!

A Tinkerball folder, a Tinkerbell Notebook, Tinkerbell tissue paper, Country Cottage Needleworks Surfside Cottage charts, which has the sea and the daisies on it,  the linen and the threads needed to stitch it.

It is all perfect.  Thank you so much Carolyn xxxxxxxxxx  It really did make a difference to my day xxxxxx


  1. Gaynor,
    I am so happy you got it. I was hoping it would get to you to give you a little pick "me" up.

    Thanks for the update on your news and it is always so nice to have a Dr. that makes us feel important.


  2. How sweet of Carolyn , have a good day, hugs.

  3. Aww Carolyn you so sweet *•*

  4. Such a sweet gift Carolyn!


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