Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hello from Gillie!

Well, having sent off my first RAK, suppose I had better introduce myself!  Though looking at the list I know most, if not all of you, through blogs, groups and even face to face!

I'm Gillie, wife to the World Traveller, who doesn't quite as much now, thank goodness and mostly now in the US.  We live on a small lake in south west Michigan which right now is giving me fits as it has been frozen and covered with the white stuff for about five weeks. that coupled with the sun gives me migraines.....

We have three children living in Wyoming, Pittsburgh and DC with grandchildren (four and a "borrowed" one) so we accumulate a lot of air miles and I can tell you where the Starbucks are in quite a few airports!  We are British but the US kindly gave us citizenship a couple of years ago. 

I fell into the blogging world via The Cross Stitch Guild forum where I saw that someone living in Gloucestershire had a blog.  A blog? What's that, for goodness sake?  Well, I took the plunge and began a blog and five or six years later here I still am, I blog at Random Thoughts from Abroad, please pop over and say hi!


  1. Welcome Gillie , you will love this site it is so much fun hugs.

  2. Waving hi, Gillie!! When you go to DC ~ let me know if you ever pop a bit further North towards Philly!!

  3. Welcome Gilli, it's so nice to have you here!

  4. Hello Gillie!! Welcome to the RAK blog!! Hugs!

  5. morning lass ... lovely to see you here too ... and have seen you for real love mouse xxxx


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