Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone, my name is Lynn, some of you will know me from my blog Happiness Is Cross Stitching,
I am so glad to be here and looking forward to sending a surprise or two out to an unsuspecting member.

I have been cross stitching for over 25 years now and I just love it, I don't think there is ever a day goes by where I do not have needle and thread in hand.

I know quite a few of you from reading blogs, however I must admit I am very lazy at commenting so I like to give back to readers by doing giveaways occasionally and I also thought it would be nice to do a RAK or two, (or three or four!)  for someone on this blog.  

My latest finish is this gorgeous design that I stitched for my sister many years ago and only just got around to stitching it for myself, the pattern will be vintage now and I know it is out of print but I never tired of looking at it on my sisters wall,  I can't believe it was in the 90's when I first stitched this.

I love Little House Needlework, Country Cottage Needleworks, Mirabillia and Sue Hillis Designs, Victoria Sampler and The Sweetheart Tree. My favourite colour is pink and I also love pastel shades of lilac, green and blue but I also love bright colours too, particularly in kitchen designs like the one below.

Better get my thinking cap on for a RAK, hopefully I will have the time to send one out soon! 

Lynn B 


  1. Hello Lynn lovely to see you here :)
    I follow your blog and love your stitching :)
    Welcome to this happy wonderful group of people :)
    Happy stitching :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Hi Lynn! Glad you've decided to join the RAK blog :) Have fun!!!

  3. Welcome Lynn, nice to have you here :)

  4. oooooo elllooo welcome to the group ... :) love mouse xxxxx

  5. Hi Ladies,

    Thankyou for the welcome, I am soooooo excited to be here, can't promise when I will send a RAK but hopefully soon!

  6. Oh boy, Lynn! Welcome!!


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