Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sweet June and Pics!

My sweet friend, June, had let me know back in April that there would be something coming for my birthday.  She gifted me with yet another one of her beautifully stitched and finished pieces.
Isn't it beautiful!  I will write more on a blog post as to why this piece touched me so!

And, I finally spent some time uploading pictures, so I can show you what Julie surprised me with the other week!

Thanks again to both of you for brightening my days!  When things settle down around here, I plan on passing along some smiles!


  1. Your so welcome my sweet friend big hugs.

  2. How wonderful. Best wishes -

  3. It was my pleasure so glad it cheered you up. xx

  4. Julie ~ I forgot to mention that I will have to hide this from my oldest niece, as she loves sunflowers!!

  5. Aw how sweet Catherine, sunflowers are always popular. I made this as a pin cushion but I have a few dotted around my windowsill as decoration. Julie.C x


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