Monday, August 11, 2014


I AM GOING HOME TODAY! MY PLATELETS HAVE GONE UP TO 125,000 AND SHOULD CONTINUE TO RISE. Yes! There will be appointments for blood draws and checks. Chemo infusion once a week for a few weeks "no cancer remember". So later on today I'll be sitting out on our screened deck enjoying a cup of coffee with Bill and watching the birds again. Prayers are still welcomed and so appreciated. This was all in His plan for me. I've learned so much while here in the hospital and have so much to tell. God is good. Thank you all my sweet friends here! I love you all so 
much for caring. 


  1. whoo hoo... yipppeeeeeee :)
    Excellent news indeed.. so happy for you :)
    I hope your still on the mend and smiling now as your home :)
    Take care ...
    smiles :) xx

  2. How wonderful!!! Take care!

  3. Take care dear friend..
    Sweet hugs xx

  4. So lovely news. enjoy watching the birds again , hugs June.


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