Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Well Worth Waiting For - Peony | From Anchor Maia Collection

It is too quiet around here!!!
Let's shake things a bit with a giveaway
- Exclusive to the MEMBERS of this RAK blog -
(Not followers)
Well Worth Waiting For - Peony
From Anchor Maia Collection
Original kit will come complete with:
16 ct black Aida fabric
Anchor stranded cottons
Needles & Instructions
Nominal size: 35x35cm 
Note the item is now discontinued
It is brand new and worth £40!!
I am giving away a very generous gift, so please make sure you stitch it ☺
Beautiful design inspired by artist Nel Whatmore
I'm already working (on & off) on her tulips design and must admit
that I will sadly never work on this stunning design
purely because of the black fabric... my eyesight can't take it!
If you are a member of this RAK blog
and are interested in taking part in this giveaway,
please leave a comment.
If there are more than one participant,
I will randomly choose a winner
Winner will be announced on the 1st April
- And no, don't worry, it won't be an April Fool! -


  1. You beat me to it, Ingrid, was just thinking the same thing! Come on everyone, let's get moving! Don't enter me, as I have so many to do........

    1. Yes, I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking things are too quiet on this lovely blog :)
      No worries for not taking part, I fully understand! So many lovely projects & so little time!
      Have a lovely day x

  2. Oh I'd love to be entered for the draw, it's gorgeous x

    1. Thanks Sue!
      I agree, it's a beautiful colourful design! And peonies are my favourite flowers... which is why I bought the kit initially :) Sadly, black on 16ct fabric is now a no no for me...
      Happy your volunteering, consider your name put in the virtual hat!
      Good luck x

  3. Wow!!! How amazing!! Ha ha seems we were all thinking of the same thing...I looked at this site yesterday and was thinking how to shake things up. Unfortunately everything I came up with involved visiting the post office! I am still bed bound so that was out!! I unfortunately cannot get to the post office so I was having a re-think!
    Well done Mii for taking a leap....
    This is an amazing project, I would oh I would love to stitch it. I am in a kind of limbo at the moment, plodding on.... Being stuck in bed is no fun but thankfully I do have my stitching. But I am getting bored with what I have so OH MY!! I would love love love to stitch this.
    It is a stunning design, so much colour in it...such a shame you cannot stitch it. Would you not want someone to stitch it and give it to you back so you can keep it with the tulip design? If I am chosen and you would like it back I am more than happy to give it to you.
    Oh but an amazing stitching treat for anyone...
    Smiles :)

    1. Lol! Yes, things need shaking up on this sweet little blog, so glad you agree!
      I understand you're still bed bound, don't worry, I'm sure you'll surprise someone when you're back to your full mobility :)
      This is so kind of you to suggest returning the project once stitched but really I could not accept such thing! This project represent a lot of hours of hard work (I know, I'm still trying to finish the tulips :D) so would really be happy for the stitcher to actually enjoy their hard work :)
      The tulips I have is a gift for my mum... eventually, when it will be finished.
      Thank you for taking part in this little giveaway, I'll make sure to enclose your name in the "virtual" hat! x

  4. Spring has sprung and our blog is alive again, thank you dear Ingrid ♥.
    The kit is lovely - good luck everyone. Please do not include me in your give away, I'm working on my current WIPs and UFOs for the next two (maybe three) years...

    1. You're welcome! Thought it was about time we come out of hibernation :D
      Sorry you won't be joining this giveaway but I can understand. Good for you with working on UFOs!! I should be doing this too really.

  5. Wow this is so so generous! What a lovely idea to shake us all up. I too am working on my WIPs and UFOs so please don't include me, but it's really so kind of you and it's a beautiful design.
    Now to put my thinking cap on as you have really inspired me to do something on this blog! xx

    1. All these Wips & UFOs should be banned :D
      I really should follow your example... might go back on the tulips soon!
      Have a creative day x

    2. Oh, please do go back to tulips! I did not see them since mid November...

    3. I know, I know!
      I will try to go back on it soon, promise!

  6. That is stunning and very generous but please dont include me as I am already working on one with black fabric and I too am finding it difficult. xxx

    1. Lol, I don't blame you!!
      I admire people who can stitch on such dark colours.

  7. I think this is a good idea so I might look through my stash for a giveaway too in the coming weeks. xxx


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