Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Birthday Giveaway!

Back on the first day of the new year, as you do, you make resolutions, goals.......and challenges......and one of the many I made was.......

It's the first day of the new year and, as you do, I'm issuing a challenge, mostly to me, but feel free to join in!  I've felt for a long time that I wasn't upholding the spirit of the blog that Evalina kindly set up for us......apart from one small gift that I sent when I joined the group, I've done nothing, so......I'm challenging myself to a monthly "something".......not always stitched (but might be), a drawing (definitely possible) or maybe the odd small parcel of DMC threads to someone who can't buy them as inexpensively as we can here in the US.  So, keep an eye out, a small parcel will be flying somewhere from Michigan each month!'s is my birthday which seems appropriate but more importantly.......yikes, it's nearly the end of the month so....without more ado here is the first of my monthly somethings and it's in two parts, depending on where you live!

Two giveaways - one for the US and one for the rest of the world!

For the US only

Two copies of Jane Greenoff's magazine from the Cross Stitch Guild, based in the UK.  I have had a couple of double mailings in the last couple of years so would like to give two away.  The one on the left has a couple of nice Christmas ornaments in as well as a biscornu pattern.  The one on the right has a small sewing set of a needlebook, a biscornu and a fob.  I don't think Jane is as well known here as in the UK, she is a lovely lady, I have met her a couple of times at Harrogate.  The magazine is small, only about 6" x 8", but after reading it, you might decide to join the guild!

For the rest of the world

Twenty skeins of DMC - colours chosen by the winner

Please leave a comment under this post if you'd like to take part, mentioning for which one you are eligible.  I'll draw a name on February 5th......another anniversary, lol, the day the WT proposed!


  1. First off, Gillie, Happy Birthday. Please enjoy your special day. I like the idea of a monthly challenge. I hope that we can become a more active group. I live in Rhode Island so I am eligible for the U.S. giveaway.

  2. Happy happy happy birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day :)
    You are so very kind and have a big heart too.... How wonderful that you are having a giveaway too :)
    oh yes! Happy happy happy birthday!!
    Smiles :)

  3. Happy happy birthday sweet friend x

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  5. What a lovely idea! Please count me in on the US giveaway.

  6. Happy happy birthday to you, Gillie! I hope you have wonderful plans for the day!
    I would love to be included in your US giveaway...thanks!

  7. Happy birthday! Jan 27th is also my dad's birthday. Please don't count me in the giveaway - I've been a member of this blog for a while now and still haven't RAKd anyone!

  8. Happy birthday and what a generous giveaway! I'd be in the rest of the world category. I'm always in need of new threads 😀

  9. Oh my goodness. Happy Birthday first of all, and thank you for voicing your new plan for giving. I too did the same. Gave away a nice gift, but I think just twice. Once a month sounds good. So I'll be drawing names and my gifts, like yours, may be stitch related and may not be. Thank you so much again for booting my butt! LOL


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