Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hello everyone

Hello everyone and thank you Evalina for allowing me to join your blog.  I recently had a giveaway on my blog Justine's Cross Stitch and enjoyed putting the prize together very much.  I was pleased to come across this group and am looking forward to sending out some RAKs soon!

I've been stitching since I was 16 (I'm 42 now) but only discovered blogs last year.  I really enjoy having other stitchers who "get it" to share with, and love being inspired by what everyone else is working on.  I think this is a lovely idea and a great way of spreading happiness!

I think I "know" quite a few of you through blogging, and look forward to making new blogging friends.



  1. Hello Justine!
    Lovely to see you here! Finally after trying for some time I now can join your blog! :)
    Looking forward to getting to know you better and catching up on your blog too :)
    Smiles and stitching to you :)

  2. Welcome Justine!! I too had difficulties joining blogs like Jacquie, so just joined yours now! The stitchy blogging world is a wonderful place with lots of inspiring people around! I haven't been a very active member here as of late but I will be changing that soon!! Hugs!

  3. Yay you're part of this gang too!!! :) So glad you've joined the fun.

  4. Hello :)
    Welcome and huge hugs for you x

  5. Wecome Justine , enjoy the fun hugs.

  6. Welcome and enjoy these wonderful ladies! I'm new here as well but I feel that I know many of the ladies.
    Lots of hugs and stitches to you. LindaLee


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