Monday, April 14, 2014

LindaLee's New Blog

     Just wanted to let ya'll know that I couldn't get into my "nearly" four year old blog, "Cross'N My Stitches".  I tried a number of things and then finally, abandoned it.  My biggest regret is that I had so many dear friends and followers, and I hated letting them down.  I'm hoping that they will all find me and join my new blog site.  My new one is, "Love'N My Stitches" and can be found at  Please come and join me.

     I am getting some things together and once I have a pretty box all full, I'll be drawing another name to send it out to.  I know I haven't been here long, but I do love you ladies and enjoy making someone's day.

     Want to see some spring? You know how I love colors.  I really do believe that if you love colors, you can feel them! A picture to leave you with.

     Until next time, be safe and well and don't forget to "Feel the colors".


  1. Thank you for letting us know... I just popped along and WOW! Your new place is wonderful! :)

  2. Thanks Linda I will be popping over hugs.

  3. Thank you..I will be jumping over too :)

  4. Found your new blog will look forward to your postings, give your old blog another try in a few days and you may find you can get back on, some glitches are quite frustrating.

  5. Thank you sweetie, I will come and visit straight away :)


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