Saturday, January 11, 2014

Giveaway for Members of this Blog- Edited

 Sorry: I wasn't very clear, so have added some bits for clarity.

Phew...well, thank goodness that is cleared up!  Thank you Evalina for taking over management of the blog and thank you Mouse for offering as well: two heads are better than one so it is nice to know someone else is prepared to help should the need arise.

Caroline, please look after yourself and for everyone suffering at the moment with health issues, you are in my prayers.

I recently had a giveaway on my blog and sent it this week...OMgoodness, the postage costs!  It cost almost as much as the items in the parcel!
And I know how much more it is for our friends in the USA...a country we normally associate low costs with has actually managed to get something more expensive than Ireland...are rare feat!  Such a shame for businesses though who rely on international trade..but I digress.

I am still not working as I still have lots of hospital appointments and yet I really wanted to offer an RAK.  What to do?  I was talking to my craft group about it last night and they come up with what I hope is a great suggestion!

I am quite new to designing charts and really do it for fun and therapy but I have a few now with more in the pipeline.  So for members of this blog (and you have to be a member) I would like to RAK gift you any single chart of your choice.  You can see them all along the top bar of my blog.
Simply leave a comment saying which chart you would like (if any: I won't be offended if you don't want one lol) and an email address and I will send you a pdf version!  

THIS IS NOT A DRAW: YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR FAVOURITE CHART.  ;-) of each member who wants one so please leave contact details, an email address pref. and the title of the chart you would like.  If you go along the top bar of my blog you will see the different categories and the charts I have available to date.  Please leave your information on this post only, not my blog! This is only open to members of our RAK community xx

Oh, and don't forget to check out the previous post by Evalina who is also offering a giveaway!

So that is my contribution for now: Have a very Happy New Year and if you are in an area affected by snow/sun or floods, please keep safe!

Gaynor (Stitchers Anon)


  1. Thank you Gaynor, yes I agree with you on it all, lets hope we can keep things moving on this blog hugs.

  2. Gaynor I would love the Hare friend chart so cute so please put my name into the giveaway thank you.

  3. A brilliant idea! Thank you Gaynor.

  4. Yes, the postage costs have become exorbitant and just got higher this year! Small and light items are best. I think a pdf chart is a great idea Gaynor! I would love to be included in the draw!!

  5. Oh, oops! I saw the big words...THIS IS NOT A nvm!!

  6. lol I had to add it Anne.....pdfs cost nothing to post so I am happy to give a chart to everyone, I just need to know what the chart is lol xxxxxxxx

  7. Gaynor, what a generous offer. Your designs are so lovely! I would love the pink key series.

  8. That is so kind of you and its my birthday. I love the 'Holmsey tries to teach Fergus about Love and Valentine's Day' - prefect for valentines day coming :) x

  9. What a sweet thing to do!! I would love the Hare Friend chart!! Thank you...

  10. Thank you for the chart - I cant wait to stitch it for Valentines Day - Thank you :) xx

  11. Hi Gaynor, Very generous of you - I would like the Charles Dickens one "God Bless us everyone" please. My email address is
    Many thanks, Kaye

  12. What a sweet thing to do...I would love to have the Be Mine chart...thank you so much! (

  13. I would love one how sweet. I've been away and haven't read my blogs until now.


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