Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year! Is anyone interested in this Blog?

Hello to all of you,

I hope everyone's New Year is going well. For the last few weeks I have been rolling this over and over in my head regarding this blog. I had every intention of doing a great job and being there for everyone. Last year my family and I were busy with moving into a new house. We are settled in but still things aren't quite there. I think moving takes more then one year to get everything in order. We have more stuff then I ever realized. Anyway on with what I'm really here for.

Last year some time I developed a health issue. Well now it seems I have two. I won't go into them as I'm sure you all have your own things going on. One of the health issues will include surgery and I'm not sure when as of yet. I will be seeing a surgeon on the 16th. I am hoping this issue can help clear up the other issue. I am really hoping and praying.

So with that in mind. I don't think I should be counted on as far as this blog goes. I think someone needs to be here for questions and keeping the blog, stitchers addresses and everything else current. It isn't like you have to be right on top of it.

I personally don't know what to do at this point. If anyone has suggestions please, please, let me know. So I want to step down and need someone to step into my place. It would be a big help to me at this point. I want to get my health back to normal so I can get on with it.

Hugs, Carolyn

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