Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hi every one  Happy New Year  , lets start off the New Year with another Giveaway , I know the last few months we have all been so busy with  family life and Christmas there is always so much to do at this time of the year.
And I also agree that the cost of postage is so much money now, but if we keep the giveaways small  I am sure we can still have fun.
So here is just the chart of Mill Hill " Welcome Home " this is the Calender series January .
So if you would like to stitch this design I think we could start a rolling chart so when you have stitched it put it back on the this site for someone else to stitch , but because we are all so busy there is no time limit, I will enclose a card and we can write down our name when we have stitched it but like I say no rush , just enjoy stitching it when you can.
There is a little bead work but you can leave them out and just stitch , so you will only get the chart and I will send you also one of my Butterfly ribbon holders with ribbon .
You have to be a member of this site and just leave a comment , I will leave it open until the end of the month then I will let you know the winner.


  1. It's lovely! Please add my name to the hat.

  2. Cute! I would love to be included in the chart as well.

  3. I love the chart - please included me in the draw - Thank you :)

  4. Such a sweet chart, Butterfly, please count me in!


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