Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So Much Kindness.......

I feel so blessed :)  I found 2 more parcels waiting for me in my mailbox this morning!  I am so grateful to you all not only for the kindness that you are sharing with me but all the kindness that is being shared within this group!  It's simply awesome!

The one above is from Anne.  I absolutely love everything but especially love the Snow Pillow.  I will put the extras to good use with my finishing this year.  I'm going to be adding some of the bells to my ornaments too!  Thank you again Anne for your kindness and for your friendship :)

June sent me this Winne the Pooh book :)  I absolutely love it and would you believe that I don't have it too!  I haven't stitched a Disney project in a few years but I still have kept all of my old books/kits as I adore looking through them.  Thank you again June for picking me for this and for the awesome postcard.  I love postcards too and the Thatch Cottage is one of my favorite things from England, they are just so beautiful to look at, although I have heard they are a nightmare to live in!  

I will be sending out some RAK's next month.  I've already spent just over $50.00 on postage this month which is waaaay too much!  Crazy how much postage is now!

Thank you again Anne and June!


  1. I cant believe how much USA postage has gone up: I had a fat quarter of material come from the USA, to Ireland...17 dollars!!!! Are they trying to kill the postal industry???
    Amazing RAKs..the fact postage is so much makes them all the more appreciated

  2. Lovely goodies!! And yes, postage is a killer!!


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