Monday, February 11, 2013

Thank you Grace and a Question

I am sorry I havn't been commenting much on posts..I have been reading them all and wow: so many lovely things being done in our stitching world. 

Firstly I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Grace.  I had no idea an RAK was coming my way so was really suprised when a non-bill item of post arrived.

Inside were three beautiful peices of fabric: I think they are from the 'pink ribbon' collection.  Some of you may know I have had a skirmish with breast cancer and am training to walk to raise money for cancer research.  Part of this has involved me making things to exchange for sponsorship.

The photo isnt very good, sorry.
There also some amazing charms.  I am so greatful as my fabric stock is diminishing fast, and I want to make something really special with this to help raise funds.
Grace, you are amazing.  Thank you so much xx  It will really help.

Now, a wee question: I have been learning to sew etc and I wonder if people mind non-cross stitch RAK gifts which are still home made?  I wasn't sure so thought I had better check xx

Have a good week everyone xxx and again, Grace. Thank you so much.


  1. What a lovely gift from Grace.

    A gift is a gift no matter if it is handmade or not. It is the thought that counts for me.


  2. How sweet of Grace to send you such lovely fabrics!!

  3. I love anything that is handmade, to me a RAK can be anything that would bring a little smile into our lives :)

    Lovely fabrics from Grace!

  4. Who would not love a handmade item? A RAK is not just cross stitch.
    I am glad you like the fabric. I am always picking up pieces after Jo Ann's....

  5. anything hand made is lovely :) love mouse xxxx

  6. Lovely fabrics and I agree it so nice to have something in the mail to bring a smile to your face, even though I am a new member I love the idea too of handcrafted gifts. Thanks for sharing. And good luck with your training.

  7. Beautiful fabrics. I certainly don't mind non cross stitch RAKs. I love anything handmade that someone has put time, effort and love into.

  8. Definitely agree with what everyone else has written!

  9. Nice fabric and it is good you got to replenish your stock as well! Anything hand made is great!


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