Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thank you Dawn!

Have you ever had one of those weeks and then you go to your mail~box to find just the pick-me-up you need?
I was more than thrilled to have met Dawn through an exchange.  We found that we had attended the same university and even graduated in the same year!  If only we had met back then, we would have been stitching friends for a long time ~ but we have fast become email friends, and who knows, one day, perhaps we can arrange a meeting.
Anyway, I love what she sent to me!  Thanks so much Dawn!!
Oops....sorry, can't get the picture to flip!
I should be getting some goodies together in the next few weeks to surprise a few of you.  So, keep stalking, I mean watching, your mail!
Catherine ~ Bramblewood Stitches


  1. Great gift from Dawn, she is a sweetie.

  2. How lovely of Dawn :) I always stalk my mailman, he even knows me by first name! LOL.

  3. Such a lovely gift from Dawn! Isn't that neat that you two went to the same uni and graduated the same year?! Meeting blogging friends is the best!


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