Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hello from Aurora, Colorado!  My name is Michele Stravato and I am new to the group.  I tried to post a couple of days ago without much luck, so hopefully this one will work.

I am married with two teen-age, soccer playing boys, so yes, I am busy.  Luckily my husband does all the cooking and grocery shopping. He also works from home, which helps with the boys crazy schedules.  Besides soccer, the boys are also  participating in their high school robotics program. The district competition is April 3-5 and assuming they do not make it to the national competition, our lives will slow down slightly after April 5.

I first learned cross stitching in high school and try and find time every day for at least a little stitching.  I love to  read trashy paranormal romance stories on my Nook and I was into vampires looooooooong before they became trendy or sparkled.

My hair is strawberry blonde, my favorite color is purple and I am very excited to join this group!



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