Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm back and I have received a wonderful RAK.

Hello Everyone, I'm Deborah and I have rejoined the site after several months away, I didn't expect to be gone for so long but I am happy to be back.

A few days ago I received a wonderful surprise in the mail from Jacquie M. my first ever RAK, I can tell you I was so thrilled to open the package and find spring stitchery items inside.

This first photo shows everything that was packed into my box
The Friendship Grows box is just lovely and tucked inside were some tasty chocolates and you can guess I did munch one while I was snapping photos.
cross stitch box
The Easter Wishes Egg makes me wish that someday my stitching will be half as good. I'll and the egg to my Easter Centerpiece basket.
Also in the box were these lovely pastel buttons, I have loved and collected buttons since I was a child and these will work out nicely for a project I have on my drawing board.
The tin dove was tucked into the Friendship Grows box and is now hanging from the arm of my reading lamp.
The handcrafted giving Bunny is so adorable and I was planning to make a few of them myself to send off to friends and leave a few anonymously here and there. Here is the link for the Giving Bunny project 

The teapot and the floral frame pattern are so me, and the little sketchbook with the window frame just waiting for a small cross stitch piece will come in handy.
patterns and candy
There are strips of ribbon, a scented candle and a copy of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine pieces of pink and yellow aida cloth, ribbons and embroidery floss all which will be used in future projects.

Thank you Jacquie for the lovely RAK it certainly brightened my day.


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