Tuesday, March 25, 2014

~* Thank you Miss Linda Lee ~*

"Carry out a random act of kindness, 
with no expectation of reward, 
safe in the knowledge that 
one day someone might do the same for you.
                                        "(Diana Spencer)
Good happy morning dear Miss Linda and all my friends ,,
         It's a beautiful day here ...I woke up with a huge smile :)
   And I saw this sweet surprise mail from 123 stitch that I received a gift certificate of $20
From our dear friend Linda lee ..
My dear it's such a great surprise...first I couldn't believe on my eyes ...
I was reading and reading it again...lol
     It's truly a very sweet surprise linda and a very sweet RAK.
I am feeling so blessed :)
       You are a sweet friend.
Thank you for making my smile more bigger and making my morning more sweeter...
     Aww happy morning here :)
Love u and huge thank you.
      Big Beary hugs
             Cucki x


  1. How lovely and what a great surprise :) Happy stitchy shopping! :)

  2. So sweet!!! Now difficult time: what to get!! :) Enjoy!

  3. How wonderful!! Now, decisions, decisions!! ;)

  4. I saw on your wish list Cucki that you have some beautiful items. I couldn't decide what to get. I do hope that the certificate I sent will be enough to cover it. Have a wonderful and blessed day. Love you lots!


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