Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Posting A Label

     Good morning everyone! It's chilly and rainy here in eastern NC this morning, but it's a beautiful day anyway.  I'm looking forward to stitching a good part of the day on my "Quaker Diamonds" piece.  I love working on it and love all the colors.
     I was wondering how to post under labels.  Is this something that Evalina does for us or is it something I can do myself?

     Ya'll have a wonderful week and don't forget, "If you love color you can feel it".   Here are some little hands that can literally feel them!

Until next time, stay warm, safe and well.

     Nearly forgot! I sent out my very first RAK today and I'm excited for the recipient! Check your email everyone!


  1. Good afternoon Miss Linda Lee ....from Michigan where it SNOWED again this morning. Yes, you can do your own labels, I think...

    1. I did figure it out and do have a label now for my wish list. Yes! Another big storm all up the east coast now. Seems like winter just doesn't want to end this year. I'm so blessed to be where I am. The climate is warmer and I don't miss the freezing cold at all. You have a good week Gillie.

  2. Hello.. no snow here just grey sky and rain :( I love to look at snow but dont like the coldness with it. How very exciting that you have sent a RAK out... lovely :) Color is marvelous.

  3. hello deary :) good evening here and i am nearly off to bed :) i had a fun stitching day...
    sending you spring hugs
    cucki x


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